Coaching and Services

My name is Henry and I’m an ESL/EFL teacher, teacher trainer, and (just starting to be!) a blogger and web designer.

I’m currently living in Gwangju, South Korea, developing course content and providing online tutoring through Skype.

My tutoring services include:

  • TOEFL & IELTS test prep
  • Academic writing help and editing services
  • Extensive and intensive reading
  • Pronunciation and intonation training
  • Free conversation practice
  • & more!

My base rate is $50/hr, discount packages are available for students studying 3 hours per week or more.

One thought on “Coaching and Services

  1. “I received Henry’s editing services for three types of documents – a debate script, a literary article and in-class material. I could observe stylistic refinement as well as improvement in writing mechanics. I highly recommend his editing expertise and I strongly believe he belongs to the top class of editors.”


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